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About Water Tanks

Polyethylene water tanks by Quadel industries have become the preferred choice in the marketplace instead of the alternative tank. This is largely due to the integrity, water tightness and longevity. Quadel polyethylene water tanks have also been used greatly in areas where access is mainly by boat, by simply telling the tanks behind the boat.

Along with these and all other attributes, it just makes good sense to use polyethylene water tanks per piece of mind, environmental concerns, and the future of our planet.

Quadel polyethylene water tanks have been used in a wide variety of ways, collecting rain water or spring water, extra storage for a low yield well, for removing sediment, fire water storage, transporting water to remote areas, individual homes, co-opt use, community systems or business applications.

Quadel tanks can be used individually, in a series, are in a manifold system. A manifold system has proven to be a vast improvement over the largest single tank storage for the small community water system.

This type of system not only did he is at handling and shipping, but he is of installation with the stability to conform to ground contours without the need to go to bedrock to lay a foundation. Best of all is the ability to have an ongoing maintenance program by shedding one tank off the system for cleaning or servicing without ever interrupting services to the home.

A remarkable advantage for those systems in an earthquake zone, if a major earthquake did occur and toppled the system, by simply putting the water tanks back in place and replacing any broken pipes you can be back in service in a very short time.

Now you can see why polyethylene water tanks have become the preferred choice. Made in the USA by Quadel Industries.