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Shade Card

Used to block 80% of sun rays, offers protection from damage by excessive heat and soil dryness. Also helps shield from wind exposure. Wire wickets hold he shade card in place. Both card and wicket have an approximate 5 year life span and will not leave any unfriendly additions to the rest.

In highly exposed areas such as southern slopes, survival depends on reducing the heat seedlings are subjected to. Shade cards are used to block 80% of the sun’s rays and thus reducing soil dryness and soil temperature. Shade cards can also prevent excessive wind exposure.

Shade cards are made up of two parts, wire wickets and a poly envelope. Wire wickets are made of 12gauge bright basil wire. These wickets fit snugly into the 8″ x 12″ poly envelope. The lifespan of the wicket is approximately the same as the envelope, which is five years.