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About Rotomolding

The rotational Molding process lends itself best to hollow containers and has stages. First a metered amount of powdered resin is introduced into the bottom half of the mold. The halves are then sealed together and the mold is placed into a oven to be rotated on a dual 90 degrees opposed axis. The resin pool remains in the bottom of the mold and as the mold reaches a predetermined temperature particles of resin begin to adhere to the walls. Each time the mold passes under the resin pool additional resin is added until there is no more resin pool and the desired wall thickness has been achieved. Run time depends on temperature and the required wall thickness. After the mold is removed from the oven and cooled it is opened and the part extracted. New resin is then introduced and the process is repeated.

We stock most standard colors for dry blending and color matches are available. Unlike most processes, ours also make colors combinations, such as the commonly used granite. Other special looks are also achievable including your own unique color compositions. Our colors are consistent throughout the product.