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Erosion Netting

Quadel industries manufactures an extremely durable mesh netting product which is used to make Wattles and geo grid, a blanket type netting to help stabilize ground that has been damaged by fire, floods or slide construction.

The product may also be used to protect storm drains, creek banks, from mud and debris. The netting can be adapted to many innovative ideas within the erosion control industry.

Erosion control netting when properly installed will provide a good environment for vegetative re-growth which will in turn reduce soil erosion and property damage.

When installing your geo erosion control netting make sure to apply the netting up and down the slope, never around the contour. At the upper end of the top of the disturbed area you want to bury the netting in a trench at least 8 inches deep to secure it. Additionally anchor pins are staples can be used to hold it down.

Tough and Durable, Manufactured from a Poly Mix
UV additives to increase longevity in the field
2 most popular sizes available
9”, and 12”,
Varying mesh sizes from 3/8” and 5/8”
Flexible color offering
2000’ per roll.
Call us at 1-800- 289-7659 for Competitive Pricing

Sizes that are available:

9” x 3/8” diamond erosion control net, 2000’ per roll
9” x 5/8” diamond erosion control net,2000’ per roll
12”x 3/8” diamond erosion control net, 2000’ per roll
12” x 5/8” diamond erosion control net 2000’ per roll