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Bud-Cap Netting

People have used all sorts of materials for the purpose of protecting pine buds, which are favorite treat for browsing deer and elk.

In the early days many people simply used pieces of paper folded and stapled to cover the young bud caps of seedling pine trees. Other techniques included using balloons and just about anything one could find to cover the tops a young seedlings.

Over the years the use of bud caps in professional forestry projects in state and federal forests as well as privately owned forests has become widespread.

As a natural progression bud caps are now being made with polyethylene plastic mesh, which is more durable and also allows greater airflow which in turn is healthier for the young seedlings.

Quadel industries is a manufacturer of this type of plastic mesh Bud cap which can be easily placed over the young seedlings bud and quickly stapled into place, ensuring that the bud caps are not browsed by elk and deer.

Bud caps are just one form of seedling protection that we manufacture here at our facility in Coos Bay Oregon.

Available exclusively from our distributor Pacforest Supply Co., 1-877-736-5995