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Quadel manufactures a wide variety of packaging products suitable for Garlic packaging. Our manufacturing process enables us to produce tubular netting on a roll and mesh bags, sealed on one end, in various sizes and styles. We stock several types of netting and mesh bags for low order volume and shipments of any volume to our Garlic producers or distributors.

We also produce netting and bags to your specifications including size, color, and mesh size. Minimum order quantities apply.

We have been Manufacturing quality packaging materials for your Garlic Business to garlic farmers and Packers for over 20 years.

Our mesh bags and netting enhance the shelf appeal of your Garlic, and provide protection from damage during shipping as well as helping to increase the sales and shelf life of your garlic .

We are now stocking the following sizes of mesh bags for your Garlic to offer you extremely competitive prices on the mesh packaging you need right now. There is a 1000pc minimum on all stock Item orders so keep that in mind.

4″½” x 10” Purple Mesh Bags (4560p)
6” x 10” Yellow Mesh Bags (4837y)
8” x 12” White Mesh Bags (4968W)

The perfect solution to packaging your garlic. It is used regularly by garlic farmers and packagers as an inexpensive, durable package that enhances sales and customer convenience.

Produce Netting is available in three sizes and is measured by the stretch. Our in stock selection is listed below. Produce Net is sold in 5,000’ rolls. Additional colors are made to order. The minimum order quantity on custom colors is 4 rolls.

Stock Rolls are listed below:

6”-8” Produce Net-White (5410w)
9”-11” Produce Net- Red (5420r)
12”-14” Produce Net-Blue (5445bu)
19”-21” GP Net- Black (5475b)

We can also custom make other sizes , strengths and colors to provide packaging solutions for your every need so just call and lets us know what types of quantities you would be looking for.

If you have a sample of the type of mesh material you would like to use , please send us a sample and we will match it up for you.