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Profile Shapes

We are able to make a variety of products using the extrusion process. One of the most popular product lines we MFG using this process in mesh products. Using various dies we can make a wide variety of plastic mesh products such as , mesh bags for produce flower bulbs toys and many other uses.

We also make netting by the roll , depending on the formula, size and strength, netting is used for forestry protection, also known as tiller netting , crab netting , firewood packing netting and so much more, the list is extensive for all the practical applications where mesh netting is used in industries of all types.

The extrusion process is also used with items like seedling tubes, filter cores, shaft protectors as well as other items that are even more rigid which gets us into the profile shapes that can made using this process as well.

With Profile shapes , think plastic baseboard molding, rub rail for around docks and other items that are solid but thin and flexible and can shipped rolled up or in long pieces and stacked on pallets. Profiles can come in all shapes and sizes and we can custom design a die for any type of profile project using extrusion that you may have in mind.