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Firewood Pack Netting

Improve the appearance of your firewood bundles at pennies per foot!

Tubular netting is great for packaging wood and kindling into bundles for retail sales or for parks and campgrounds.

Firewood pack netting is a quick and easy method of preparing your wood for sale. Its unique diamond mesh pattern has a 1” opening, allowing the wood to breathe and continue to dry after packaging (no more wet wood complaints from customers) The long shelf life of poly netting enables it to be made in the off season and inventoried for that busy time of year.

*Available in red, yellow ,black and blue.

*2000’ per roll/ 26” diameter opening.

*User Friendly! Sturdy poly netting holds wood securely.

*Quick, easy application-clip off desired length of net insert wood and secure ends.

*Economical Pricing = Profit

*Whether bundling your wood by hand or using the convenient “Firewood packer”, Firewood Pack netting will surpass any other type of bundling method available.

*Available by the roll or by a full pallet of 27 rolls.

*If you would like to just purchase the Firewood Packer please call for pricing.

Dimensions 2000′ per roll/26″ dia
Color Red, Yellow and Black