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Hydrotrailer Parts

The standard Hydro Trailer by Quadel comes with all the following specifications and features. Being a custom fabrication company, be sure to let us know if you have any custom configurations or additional accessories to add to your Hydro Trailer.
· 11 Cubic Feet of watertight internal storage
· Lightweight – The Hydro Trailer is only 75 lbs gross weight (empty)
· Patented “double groove hull” guarantees perfect stability and tracking. Carries up to 200 lbs safely and effortlessly
· Carries two 5 gallon gas containers in their own secure hold (included)
· Three durable velcro hydro-straps allow you to strap large items, such as skis, chairs, or tents, atop the Hydro Trailer
· Neoprene “bra” helps keep out pressurized rooster tail water
· Easy to install sturdy stainless steel hitch system with rigid tow-bar that provides complete ease of operation and trailer stability
· The Hydrorack bolts to most watercraft trailers for hassle-free, easy transport and storage. Attractive nylon Hydrocover will protect your Hydrotrailer for many seasons to come.