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Vacuum Forming Processing

The Vacuum Forming Process, also known as Thermo-Forming, is most effective when used to created covers, pans and items that form half of hollow object. Vacuum forming also has four stages.

First a sheet of the desired type of plastic is clamped to a rack which is then placed near a heating device and brought to a predetermined temperature. When that temperature is reached the rack is lowered onto a mold base.

The rack with the host sheet is placed over the mold base to seal the perimeter. After the perimeter is sealed all the air is extracted from around the mold creating a vacuum and the mold and rack are moved to a cooling station. When cool the clamping is released and the part is extracted.

The part then goes to a fitting area where any excess material is removed and any other necessary finishing processes are completed. Inspection and preparation for shipment are included in the process.