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Firewood Packer Assembly Instructions

Parts List:

4- 1 ¼”X1 ¼”x36” tubing
1-U-piece 1 ¼”x1 ¼” tubing
1-H-piece ¼”x1 ¼” flat bar
1- Firewood Packer bucket
2-5/16”x4 ½” bolt
6-5/16”x2” bolt
6- 5/16” flat washer’s
8- 5/16” locknuts.

1. Take all the pieces and lay them out so you can identify them. First take two of the 36” tubing and a 4 ½” bolt and put it through the hole at the top (As per picture 1) andtwo washers on the thread end of the bolt (Used between the U-piece and the legs). Repeat the procedure for the other two pieces of tubing.

2. Take the U-piece and the two sets of legs and slide the U-piece over the bolt (Use the center hole 0f the five) and put a lock nut on the end of the bolt (See picture 2). Leave all nuts loose until everything is assembled. On the U-piece there are five holes for different length of wood, depending how long the wood is will determine if you move it up or down.

3. Now take the H-piece and place it at the base of the feet, having one leg on the inside and one on the outside of the flat bar. Move up to position and bolt in place. Make sure your U-piece swings well within the tubing. Tighten the four bolts at the base and tighten the two long bolts at the top enough and make sure you are still able to swing the frame back and forth. Bolt the Firewood packer bucket on at this point. There are lines on the side of the open end of the bucket, these are references for cutting the bucket shorter if you use shorter wood.